SafeMoon and EverGrow Coin Plans For Huge Crypto Adoption in 2022

SafeMoon and EverGrow Coin are set to drive profit in millions of crypto wallets 

Only about 4% of the world’s population has made crypto investments according to Triple-A – but SafeMoon and EverGrow Coin are leading the charge to ramp up crypto adoption in 2022.

SafeMoon and EverGrow Coin revolutionised the crypto industry by becoming the top reflection tokens in the market. Both projects offer the chance for investors to increase their earnings without selling crypto assets, and in 2022 they officially partnered up on a high-profile billboard campaign across the United States. 

Both SafeMoon and EverGrow Coin have ambitious roadmaps to make it easier for newcomers to the cryptocurrency market. Here’s an overview of why the tokens could be a top crypto investment in 2022.


EverGrow Coin to launch NFT marketplace, content subscription platform and metaverse

NFTs have enjoyed massive success to grow from $82.5 million in total sales in 2020 to $17.7 billion in sales in 2021. This month EverGrow Coin is expected to drop a new NFT marketplace that can disrupt the current market leader (OpenSea) by launching on the cheaper and faster Binance Smart Chain.

Currently, OpenSea runs on the Ethereum network, whose network fees can oscillate between $30 to $50 per transaction. Often that’s more than the value of the asset being traded and a huge barrier to newcomers. With an NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain, both artists and traders alike will be attracted to EverGrow Coin’s addition to the space.

EverGrow Coin will also soon launch the world’s first crypto-integrated content subscription platform (Crator). The platform offers competitive fees, at just 5% compared to OnlyFans’ 20% commission. Crator will let content creators set different subscription tiers as well as put Livestream content behind a paywall, and in doing so bring newcomers into the cryptocurrency space.

One of EverGrow Coin’s most exciting projects this 2022 is The Abstract metaverse – the project already has a waiting list of 65,000 and is the first cloud-based virtual reality gaming platform. To date, the 50 million VR headset owners in the United States need additional computing power (costing up to $5,000) to play high-quality VR games at home


SafeMoon launches the new SafeMoon card

SafeMoon is currently the most well-known reflection token, as it launched six months ahead of EverGrow Coin last year. The project charges a 10% transaction tax on buy/sell orders, with 4% redistributed as rewards, 3% for liquidity pools, 2% for coin burning, and 1% for the SafeMoon Ecosystem Growth Fund.

A key milestone in SafeMoon’s roadmap towards mass crypto adoption in 2022 is the launch of the SafeMoon Card. This debit card will let users make purchases with SafeMoon and many other cryptocurrencies. According to SafeMoon’s website, cryptocurrencies will be instantly converted to their fiat value at the time of spending.

Users can also choose in which order to use crypto assets for spending online or in-store. The SafeMoon card will be globally accepted, as well as offering a virtual card in-app. The project is likely to boost newcomers to the crypto space by offering an easy-to-use mechanism for using crypto in daily life.


Disclaimer: The information posted in the article is for educational purposes only. By using this, you agree that the information does not constitute any investment or financial advice. Do conduct your own research and reach out to financial advisors before making any investment decisions.

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