Cardano (ADA), Terra Luna (LUNA) And Mushe (XMU)

Are you looking for the next 100X coin but are confused and unable to decide which tokens to add to your portfolio? For your benefit, we have selected three cryptocurrencies that could potentially provide handsome returns in the future if they can manage to deliver as per their road maps. These three cryptocurrencies are: Cardano (ADA), Terra (LUNA), and Mushe (XMU). While Cardano and Terra Luna are older coins and have managed to establish strong use cases, Mushe Token is a recently launched cryptocurrency that can be bought via a presale available here . Let’s find out more about the utility and road map of these three coins. 

Cardano launches stable coin with COTI

COTI will soon launch Cardano’s stable coin which will allow more users to access the Cardano ecosystem. Stable coins are preferred for the transfer of funds and payments as they are pegged to another currency such as the dollar and do not have the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Djed is a decentralized and algorithmic stable coin for the Cardano ecosystem. Being an algorithmic stable coin, it will maintain its value through a reserve token and other collateral. The public testnet for Djed has been launched in preparation for mainnet launch in June this year. This could impact the ADA tokens price positively soon, the ADA Token was trading at $0.74 at the time of writing. 

Terra Luna might break out as Anchor starts accepting Solana Token

The Anchor Protocol, a DeFi ecosystem built on Terra Luna announced the acceptance of the Solana wrapped token on its ecosystem. It will help in bringing both ecosystems together and pave the way for Solana holders to participate in yield farming. Anchor Protocol is currently one of the highest-paying yield farming ecosystems provided by Terra Luna. This could provide to be bullish for the LUNA token in the long run as more SOL holders will get onboarded on the Terra network. 

Mushe sees huge volumes as retail buyers express interest

The newly launched Mushe Token has seen a surge in retail purchasers as it conducts its presale. It is currently available at a very attractive price and given its diverse use cases, it could break out soon after listing. 


The Mushe Token will be used as the primary cryptocurrency inside the ecosystem being built by the Mushe team. The ecosystem will include support for a native wallet that will allow access to a lottery and DeFi. It will also help users in storing the Mushe Token and spending it across merchant outlets in the future. Users will also be able to store NFTs on the wallet in the future. 


Another utility of the Mushe Token will be inside an upcoming metaverse where the users will be able to buy land and trade property. The Musheverse will allow token holders to monetize their NFTs easily and participate in play to earn games. The gaming community being built and developed by Mushe could provide a strong competition to other metaverse coins. 

The Mushe Token is being launched on the Ethereum network but will be migrated to the Stellar blockchain in the future. This will allow it to utilize the XLM Token’s ecosystem which is known for its low fee mechanism. Mushe is being promoted as a payment currency and utilizing Stellar’s blockchain will help it in expanding its ecosystem and footprint. 


Add the three tokens listed above and you could reap huge returns in the future. The Mushe Token has strategically positioned itself as a payment currency for a diverse ecosystem and it could provide you with an edge if you manage to accumulate huge volumes. Always practice dollar-cost averaging method for building your portfolio and never invest more than what you can afford to lose. You can also follow Mushe’s progress on the links given below. 


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