Trezor Hardware Crypto Wallet Now Supports Cardano Smart Contracts!

Trezor hardware crypto wallet now supports Cardano smart contracts

Trezor, the maker of cryptocurrency hardware wallets, has released a new software version that now supports Cardano smart contracts.

Trezor announced the news in a recent blog post, stating that the additional capability will be added to its Model T. Users must first upgrade the Trezor firmware on their Model T device to version 1.11.1 before they can use the feature.

“This will allow Cardano users to securely interact with and sign transactions to smart contracts using keys held on their Trezor,” the firm stated.

Firmware upgrades, which must be installed to ensure the assets are properly safeguarded, provide security fixes for both hardware wallet types. Cardano users should write down their seed recovery phrase before starting with the update, since they will be asked to input their keys when the procedure is completed.

Trezor has published firmware upgrades for its Model T and Model One devices. Cardano’s smart contract, on the other hand, will only function on the former.

“Cardano support on the Model T has been extended to now also include Plutus smart contracts for transactions from the Alonzo era onward.”

Users will now be able to sign transactions and transact securely with the Trezor. The announcement comes Ledger’s announcement less than a month ago that the Cardano smart contract will be supported in the Live app.

The Cardano smart contract, launched on September 12, 2021, basically increased the usefulness of the native coin ADA. Cardano has shown to be a trustworthy blockchain, with developers flocking to take advantage of the network’s low transaction costs and speed.

The hardware team wallet also advised consumers to maintain their security. Major security upgrades for both hardware wallets are also included in the enhancements, according to the developers.

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