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PRESS RELEASE. Liquidity portfolios are the sorely needed replacement for liquidity pools— the DeFi 1.0 standard. By utilizing liquidity portfolios, users can provide liquidity with one token type instead of via token pairs.

Likewise, when liquidity is provided to liquidity portfolios—the impermanent loss is spread over all the tokens in the portfolio, as opposed to the mechanism present in liquidity pools.

This means that the more tokens there are in a liquidity portfolio the more the impermanent loss is reduced when the value of a single cryptocurrency rises significantly. Liquidity portfolios can contain dozens of different cryptocurrencies, and that limit is purely from a pragmatic point of view. From a technological perspective, there is virtually no limit to how many cryptocurrencies a liquidity portfolio can contain.

This very advanced technology is currently only available with the Blueshift DEX that currently offers 8 different liquidity portfolios that have varying Farming APRs. Alongside the standard 0,3 % trading fees revenue that liquidity providers receive, the farming APRs vary from 40 to 500 % on Blueshift!

The incredible farming and staking APRs are a result of recent changes in Blueshift’s minting strategy.

New Liquidity portfolios will continue to be added, whilst all liquidity portfolios will get their “liquidity portfolio manager”.

Each and every current and to-be-created liquidity portfolio will soon have a portfolio manager which will be selected by the DAO councillors. DAO councillors are, on the other hand, selected directly by the Blueshift community via the Blueshift DAO.

The portfolio managers will propose changes to portfolios such as tokens in the portfolio or token weights, and the community will decide on each matter via the Blueshift DAO. This will allow newbies and crypto veterans to invest with ease since the complete management of the portfolios is delegated to a joint collaboration between experts and the community.

In other words, crypto newbies can acquire a portfolio share and be completely oblivious to how and why the portfolio is changing—yet still benefit from these changes.

For example, users will be able to acquire a share of the Celer portfolio—which contains ADA, BNB, ETH, AVAX, FTM, MATIC, USDT and BLUES.

Liquidity portfolios are not the only great innovation the Blueshift team designed and made available to the crypto community. To learn more, read this extensive introduction into the Blueshift tech stack.

Ultimately, Liquidity Portfolios are introduced to make DeFi investments and trading more incentivizing and user-friendly.

However, Blueshift aims even higher—to capitalize on DeFi to bring innovations into the traditional financial world and to make investing accessible to a broader community by offering a safer way to invest with fewer risks and higher incentives

Blueshift achievements
Aside from reaching $22 million TVL in a record time, and having its IDO sold out in a matter of hours, Blueshift has many other achievements that demonstrate the team is determined to revolutionize DeFi and become one of the key players in the broader ecosystem.

The most exhilarating achievement for BLUES holders, achieved by Blueshift—is having the token price of BLUES increase seven times, so far! Similarly, it should be deemed a great achievement that the Blueshift Platform hosts a Decentralized Farm mechanism that offers APR over 500 percent!

Blueshift’s team determination can likewise be observed from the fact that the Blueshift platform was deployed on Milkomeda less than a month after the Blueshift IDO, and days after the launch of the Milkomeda chain itself. Likewise, the listing of BLUES on a popular CEX was executed days after the IDO itself!

This determination to deliver is likely the reason behind such explosive growth of the BLUES token price.

Aiming for $200M and beyond

It did not take long for Blueshift to reach the number 1 rank with regards to TVL—on Milkomeda. With the newest developments planned and to be rolled out in the near future, which include: closer integration and collaboration with the broader Cardano ecosystem beyond Milkomeda, engaging the decentralized portfolio management system and targeting new ecosystems—the team has set their sights on a new milestone.

This new milestone is the mind boggling 200 million and 500 million USD Total-Value-Locked. The ease of achieving these milestones is boosted by the new innovative minting strategy of BLUES, which will release a large amount of BLUES to its stakers and liquidity providers, once the immense TVL is achieved.

Blueshift’s dedication to Cardano will not wane, however, as the team plans to create a special Cardano-specific portfolio that will contain exclusively Cardano tokens. This will enable dedicated Cardano fans and newbies to invest into the whole Cardano ecosystem with a click of a button.

Cardano dedication aside, the future of Blueshift is a fully multi-chain environment! With the power of Milkomeda that will facilitate compatibility between different chains—Blueshift as a DEX crossroads will be just too practical and useful to pass on.



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